Palisade Gate
Palisade Gate
The wooden gate


3x Wall

Crafted at

Stone Workshop


Wooden gate

A Palisade Gate is a building in Survival 303.


The Palisade Gate is similar to the Medieval Gate, except it is wooden and highly flammable. Fireproofing is encouraged, unless you want raiders to burn the whole thing down. Having a wooden castle made out of Palisade walls is like asking griefers to have it burnt down, so be careful because some people will try to burn it. Also, beware of explosives, even fireproofing can't protect it from that. There is also an open door which needs to be blocked with a private door. Medieval gates are loads better than these, but these are only four studs wide, so they take up much less space, require less Architecture, and are easier to create for those who have access to an abundance of wood.