Recipe Small Tree Stump x4 + Large Leaves
Crafting Station Stone Workshop
Uses Shelter, house on stilts

 A Pavilion is a building in Survival 303.


A pavilion is a flammable form of low-level shelter. It can be used to take cover from storms, but still give you an open room, without walls, to fish. A nice idea is that you can stack a hut on top of a pavilion, and make it look like a house on stilts. Another good idea is to stack it on about 5 pavilions, and have the same thing beside you, then make ladders up to one of them or both. Now you have a nice view, but towers work better for this because, as they are taller, use less resources, and already have a ladder attached. They can be used for a fishing tower. Unfortunately, one of the cons would be that it offers no horizontal protection, allowing you to be shot at with a ranged weapon.

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