Someone should put a top on him.


Bread + Gold Coin + Gold Coin

Skill Requirements

Foraging 3, Swimming 2


Decor, Trolling, Raider Deterrent

A Person is a building in Survival 303.


They are for aesthetic purposes only!  A Person is a building that imitates a player, and it has a paintable torso. Putting one of these people in a shop window can add a nice touch of decor to an empty old boring shop. They are not flammable, meaning the only way to destroy one is by using a bomb on it. This makes it useful for trolling, as you can place them from infinitely far away, due to the fact they are technically a building, and cannot be destroyed without explosives (and then you have bits of people lying around in your settlement). They also look very stupid when placed correctly (standing on a table, standing in the water inside the bakery, etc.).

If you are a soloist with a fort to defend, and you need to leave the island to get materials, they also create a raider deterrent, though a veteran will notice what you did immediately, a castle with people standing on the walls and towers is less of a target than a castle with nobody in it.

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