Pile of Sand
Pile of Sand
Resembles a slice of bread

Islands Found on

All of them

Method of Obtaining

Foraging the shores of Islands


Making glass, sandstone, emergency shelter

A Pile of Sand is an extremely abundant/common resource in Survival 303.


Sand is a raw material that is one of the most abundant in the game, found in beaches, Desert island, and anywhere with sand in infinite quantities. Sand is useful for three things: production of sandstone and all items related to it, producing glass, and rudimentary construction due to the extreme abundance of sand. As such, sand is useful for a wide variety of buildings, but is not attractive for trade due to its ridiculous abundance. Unlike most things which can be harvested, sand is simply harvested by clicking on any sandy beach with the Forage tool. It does not appear as a proper block until placed.

Materials from sand

Here, anything that can be built with sand is listed.


3x Piles of Sand = 1x Sandstone

2x Sandstone = 1x Sandstone Brick

2x Sandstone Bricks = 1x Sandstone Wall


Heating/Cooking of 1x Pile of Sand = 1x Glass

1x Glass = 1x Glass Cup

2x Glass = 1x Window


  • Buildings out of sand can be foraged, but this can justify murder of the forager.

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