Large Tree Stump or Small Tree Stump

Skill Requirements



Conserving wood, climbing materials.

A Plank is a wooden item in Survival 303.


The plank is a wooden object that is often used in vehicles, furniture, and storage buildings like the shelf. You can get 8 Planks from 1 large tree stump and 2 Planks from 1 small tree stump. Planks are also used in the medieval house, one of the most complex houses in the game. Planks aren't a necessity, however they are very useful in creating man-made structures, as well as adding more detail to crafted structures.

Welded planks, (planks hit with any type of knife) are sticky planks that are usually used as glue due to their long length and skinny width. These can be useful with thatching to make artificial flooring and platforms.

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