Plateau Island
Plateau Island




Bare trees, bare bushes, onions, mushrooms




Low along the shore, high in the cliffs

Bodies of water


Rocks and ores

Piles of stones on the climbing rocks and on the plateau, coal, iron and chromite in the mine




Old Map

Plateau Island is an island in Survival 303.


Plateau Island is one of the largest islands in the game. Nearby is an oil spill. There are 2 smaller islands next to it that are also plateaus. On the highlands of the smaller islands, onions grow-- the only native, non-lethal food source here.

The main island requires several trees to climb up, though there is a natural way to get up in the back of the island that requires no extra tools besides a few items to jump on. You'll see some piles of small stones as you hop up, then you're on the plateau.

Up on the plateau, there are several groups of bare trees and bushes. To the left is a rock ledge with some small stones, and ahead is a deep hole in the ground, which is the mine. Before exploring here, it's recommended to take a few oil torches or a lantern. Don't take crude torches, or it will be quite hard to find your way out.

In the dark cave, there is some coal and iron ore to mine, and a pool of water with some stepping stones. You can go exploring there if you want, but be careful not to fall in the water or you won't be able to get out.

There is no source of water here, direct or indirect, so make sure to bring a well. Mushrooms also spawn here, but you must find them yourself.

It is rumored that a cake spawns in the cave on a golden plate.

Survival Tips

Plateau is a good island, with plenty of building space, wood, a good place for quarries, a mine with iron and coal, and no spawn point. A large tribe could easily be supported here. However, it lacks a reliable source of food or any water source.

You will have to bring wells, composts, plant seeds, and high farming skill. You can also fish for food. Place quarries on the rock ledge above the main plateau to maximize the building speed of walls and buildings. You should also make sure to guard the island carefully, or block off the rock obstacle course. Building bridges to the smaller plateaus will give you even more space.

There is also a secret cave containing mushrooms (but you have to find it yourself) and coal can be made into charcoal, with the island nearby (plateau) Having an abundance of sulfur makes this place a great place for creating chemical warfare.

Pros and Cons


  • No spawn point
  • Natural defense system
  • Not visited very often
  • Iron and coal for steel
  • Easily defended with bows
  • Tons of building space
  • Natural mushroom spawn


  • No water
  • Unreliable source of food
  • Slightly difficult to get up to
  • Dangerous cave
  • Often inhabited by an advanced tribe

Guide to survival by pengy1 (someone changed it im changing it back)

bring wells, there is no water source on plateau

the only food on plateau is onions (naturally) so you dont need to farm them if you can reach the islands off plataeu

bring literally every basic need

go mining in the cave bring a light then you will be set for half the game

build castle walls around it


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