Prickly Pear Leaf
Prickly Pear Leaf
Prickly pear leaves in their natural state

Islands found on

Old Map: Desert Island
New Map: Overhang Bay

Method of Obtaining



Cacti Walls

A Prickly Pear Leaf is a natural resource in Survival 303.


Prickly pear leaves can be found naturally on Desert island and Overhang bay. They are grown on small compost, and their "seeds" are prickly pears. Prickly pears can be grown at level 4 farming. Prickly pear leaves can be burned. They are also used in a recipe called the Cacti wall. In addition, since the leaf's sides have welded textures, they can be used as climbing materials. Prickly pear plants when fully grown gives four leaves.