Private Door
Private Door
A private door
Recipe Wall + Plank x2
Crafting Station Iron Workshop
Uses Defense, owner-only door

A Private Door is a building in Survival 303


A private door as the title suggests is a door that is private meaning only the owner who placed the door can enter, on one side of the door there is a button that can open the door but only on one side. The door is invaluable for a tribe and is usually used for 1-2 players, as the rest of the tribe will be unable to enter, and will need their own private doors.


  • A variant of this door is found on medieval housesstone halls and shops.
  • This door can fit into all storehouses.
  • This door is flammable so fireproofing quickly after placing is recommended, if fireproofed, the only way to get in would be explosives.

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