Pumpkin Pie is a baked food in Survival 303.


Pumpkin pie is a luxury food, but unlike other pies (or high-end foods in general), it can be made at a culinary table, and does not need a bakery. This makes it great for tribes that have not yet progressed to stainless steel, but still want to make foods more filling than bread.

However, its accessibility comes at a cost, as it is made using pumpkins, which can only be found at Phei Island and are one of the hardest crops to farm, only yielding a single crop when planted in non-fertile compost, making pumpkins pies to be the most expensive pie in terms of resources. It also restores 5 less hunger per portion than berry pie, and 25 less than apple pie, making it the worst pie in terms of hunger restored. Despite this, it is still a practical consideration for early-game tribes looking for a high-end food source.