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Reason: Update the health and reload times (quiver reduces time by 50%)
Recipe Bento Leather + Lynx Fur + Fabric
Crafting Station Quality Design Table
Uses Faster Reload

Quiver is a type of armor in Survival 303.


The quiver reduces the reload time for ammunition-requiring weapons by around 60% (allowing you to deal 250% the damage of someone without a quiver, but using 250% more ammo) and adds 5% health to the player wearing it. This pairs very well with a woven vest, which will increase the damage and range of every ranged weapon. It is a true mark of an archer and you should avoid this player at any means unless you know that they are friendly. If they have a Quiver, they likely have a powerful ranged weapon such as a crossbow or a yewbeam bow, as many players are unwilling to go through the effort to make a quiver. The quiver's recipe is not well known.The quiver is especially useful when you use the long bow, crossbow or the powerful yewbeam bow. The quiver can now be found in the shipwreck in the new map. Only by using the quiver can you reach the maximum amount of health reachable by non-admins without admin help, by also wearing reinforced bluesteel armour.

Weapon Time with quiver [1] Time without quiver
Slingshot 0.75 1.5
Crude Bow 1.5 3
Long Bow 4 8
Crossbow 5 10
Yewbeam Bow 3.5 7

Armor Health gained Total Health
Leather Armor 2 42
Rockma Hide Armor 3.75 78.75
Woven Vest 3.25 68.25
Iron Armor 5 105
Reinforced Iron Armor 7 147
Steel Armor 7.5 157.5
Reinforced Steel Armor 10 210
Mithril Armor 12 252
Reinforced Mithril Armor 14.25 299.25
Bluesteel Armor 15.5 325.5
Reinforced Bluesteel Armor 17 357


  • Unlike other armor types, it is still possible to equip another piece of armor even with the quiver equipped as well.
  • When equipped with the yewbeam bow, the wearer has the minimum amount of reload time possible for ranged weapons.
  • Quivers spawn at the Shipwreck in the new map.
  • Quivers adds to your health, just like any armor.
  • You can't equip quivers when you are missing a left arm.
  • When combined with the Woven Vest and Yewbeam Bow, you can easily be the deadliest player on the server.

  1. All times are measured in seconds

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