Reinforced Bluesteel Armor
Reinforced Bluesteel Armor


Anvil + Rockma Hide Armor + Pure Bluesteel + Pure Bluesteel + Refined Chromium

Skill Requirements

Smithing 7


Absorbing Damage, Intimidating, Being a Juggernaut

Reinforced Bluesteel Armor is an armor type in Survival 303.


This is the most heavy and powerful armor in game. When equipped, you gain 390 HP, for a total of 490 HP. If used with a quiver you gain an additional 10 HP bringing your max up to 500. That is the highest you can achieve without admin help. This armor is great for absorbing, especially when being outnumbered. However, it is noticeably slow, as it slows a player down to 11 walkspeed, and the mithril equivalent is much more popular for combat as it gives a great health bonus with an extremely low amount of speed reduced.
It is also great when grinding on powerful creatures such as teraphyx as you can almost completely ignore their damage and slay them with absolute ease.