Reinforced Mithril Armor
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Anvil + Rockma Hide Armor + Refined Mithril + Refined Mithril + Refined Gold

Skill Requirements

Smithing 7


Armor and Intimidating

Reinforced Mithril Armor is a type of armor in Survival 303.


Reinforced mithril armor is the third best armor in the game, but slightly slows you down from 16 walkspeed to 14 walkspeed. It is the one of the two armor recipes that requires gold. It is the lightest of all of the reinforced metal armors. The visual difference between the reinforced mithril armor and mithril armor is that mithril armor has a metallic sheen to it. Reinforced mithril armour adds 325 HP to your max bringing it up to 425.
You should not try to take on someone with reinforced mithril armor, unless you have ranged weapons, such as crossbows, or bluesteel weapons. Even if you have a mithril sword it will be difficult to kill him/her. Try to avoid people with this armor, for they may be decked with either steel or most likely, mithril, maybe even bluesteel! The reinforced mithril armor can also be used to intimidate someone.

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