Old Map: Rockma Island
New Map: Overhang Bay


 300 (approx.)






 Rockma Hide

A Rockma is an animal found in Survival 303.


Rockma are the only animal species indigenous to Rockma island and Overhang bay. They are a shadowy gray color. They do more considerably more damage than a bento buck, however, they are much slower. After killing a Rockma, you get rockma hide, which can be crafted into a boulder, or combined with bento leather to get rockma hide armor. Rockma have spikes on their back,and therefore cannot be saddled. (Tip - rockma hides are very similar to welded wood, as they can stick to walls, making them good for climbing.)

Habitat and Population

Rockma live on Rockma island on the old map, and Overhang Bay on the new map. On Rockma island, they are located on the flat areas, and sometimes get stuck below the sand. On Overhang Bay, they are located on a high plateau, somewhat close to the ores that are located there. There are 3 Rockma on both of these islands at one time.


Rockma drop rockma hide, which is only used in a few recipes as a raw material, but is a key ingredient in making reinforced armor, which is the strongest type of armor that can be crafted.


Rockma are neutral animals, meaning that they will not attack you unless you damage them in some way. This means that if push them into the ocean, they will still try to attack you while they are drowning. However, rockma will not continuously damage you like teraphyx or cave lynx. Instead, they will only attack you as long as they are still taking damage.

Hunting Tips

Be sure to have some armor or at least a very strong weapon (Like a mithril sword). Hunting these without at least one of these factors can be dangerous and tedious. Another way is to push it into the ocean, which will start to make it lose health. One can also use a spear to avoid being damaged.


Recipe Name Recipe
Rockma Hide Armor Bento Leather + Rockma Hide

Rockma Hide

Extra Information




Since rockma hide can only be found naturally in one place on each map, this item is essential to those that want to advance to the mithril/bluesteel age with strong armor. Because of this, it can be used as a good trading item.

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