Rockma Hide Armor
Rockma Hide Armor
Rockma Armour


Bento Leather + Rockma Hide or Leather Armor + Rockma Hide

Crafted at

Primitive Design Table


Armor defense and reinforced armor

Rockma Hide Armor is a type of armor in Survival 303.


Rockma armor is a type of heavy armor that can be worn by players. It is the weakest out of all heavy/reinforced armor pieces, but is relatively cheap and easy to make.
Rockma armor is the fourth best heavy armor in the game, trumped by all other reinforced armors. It's rather heavy and slows down the player considerably, but not as much as other heavy/reinforced armors. 
It is used to make every reinforced armor meaning that this is the root to all strong armor.
It adds exactly 75 extra health, putting your maximum at 175 health. With all other armor pieces (including the quiver) in order to equip it you must drop the item on the floor and then walk on it. This can be used as an early game armor piece, then when you take the armor off, you can make better armor, since Rockma Hide Armor is able to be crafted into better armor. It can be considered a sort of "reinforced version" of the bento leather armor.


  • Rockma (the creature that upon being killed drops the essential rockma hide) is an animal exclusive to rockma Island, which is conveniently close to the Bento Island that contains animals with the second half of the recipe.
  • Wearing the armor reduces your walkspeed from 16 to 15.