Rockshard Isle
Rockshard Isle
For a shard of rock, that's pretty impressive.
Size Small
Plants Bare trees, bare bushes, dead bushes, onions
Animals None
Elevation Mostly flat with a multi-level plateau in the center and several rock formations
Bodies of Water A small pool of water
Rocks and Ores Small stones, iron, chromite
Spawn? No

Rockshard Isle is an island in Survival 303.


Rockshard Isle is a rather small, straightforward island in close proximity to Rockma Island, Desert Island, and Paradise Island. It has some forests and rock structures on the flat, grassy part, as well as a water source in one corner. The plateau in the middle contains a cave with iron veins, and on the very top of the plateau are some onions.

Survival Tips

Since the pool of water provides only limited water, it is recommended to build a well or two for proper hydration. The onions aren't great for food either, but there is plenty of opportunity for fishing along the extensive shoreline or farming on the open fields. Since there is only iron and, on some servers, chromite on this island, other ores must be traded for or obtained on other islands. Paradise is particularly close and has coal and sulfur, so making trips there once and a while should suit a tribe's smelting needs. As long as the proper equipment is obtained beforehand, this island can easily support a small tribe.

Pros and Cons


  • No spawn point
  • Far from the center of the map
  • Plenty of flat ground for building
  • Enough trees and rocks for building
  • Iron and occasionally chromite sources


  • Water source is only enough for one or two people
  • Little food
  • Often visited by people looking for chromite
  • No coal or other ores
  • Small size
  • Hard to defend

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