Rockshard Isle
Rockshard Isle
For a shard of rock, that's pretty impressive.




Bare Bushes and Trees, Wheat, Onions, Dead Bushes




Flat, with three large rocks in the centre of the island.

Bodies of Water

A single pool of water

Rocks and Ores

Various types of rock, iron, chromite, coal




New Map

Rockshard Isle is an island in Survival 303.


Rockshard Isle is an island with many sources of food, water, and ores. It makes an optimal island for tribes, but comes with the huge flaw of containing a spawn point and being far too small to host multiple people. If spawnpoints are not an issue however, a great tribe can be established here.

To enter the cave with the iron and coal, a light source is required, meaning that people who want to create a tribe will most likely need to collect oil, otherwise the tribe will be unable to get steel, and being a central island with many spawnpoints and become a huge raiding target.

This is a good island for training your architecture level, as there are plenty of trees and stone, along with wheat for thatching and iron to make a forge.

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