General Rules

  • Do not add the exact whereabouts of any of the Mithril and Chromium locations, where to find Mushrooms, the Poison recipe, or the Bluesteel Recipe.
  • Do not post new recipes until they have been out for at least two weeks.
  • Don't vandalize, no exceptions!
  • Don't spam anywhere on this wiki, no exceptions
  • Do not add biased text in any of the pages
  • Before creating a new page, check if there is one that already exists
  • Try to use appropriate grammar when editing. While it may be ok to say "u can make a gold jug with 2 gold and an anvil" in-game, the wiki should be clean of internet slang, with the exception of Blog Posts, and the page "Survival 303 Terms & Slang"
  • When editing pages, try to write in third-person/expository. This is not mandatory.
  • Do not use any inappropriate/profane language anywhere on this wiki
  • Try not to make pages concerning yourself. Every editor already has their own user page for themselves
  • Please undo any vandalism you have witnessed by going to dropdown tab near the Edit button and clicking "History"
  • When deleting a large amount of text in an article, think about whether that will really help the wiki or not
  • If a page is marked for deletion, do not remove the tag unless an admin does so.
  • Do not make pointless edits just to increase your edit count.
  • No third-party advertising. Not only does it violate the Wikia Terms of Use, but it is also rude
  • Don't aggro EvilShogun, Scarfacial, Annacaza, or Arelinna.

Forum Rules

  • DO NOT post on old forum threads without a very good reason.

s policy] to learn more.

  • Steer away from the temptation of sharing an idea by making a new page. There is already a Suggestions forum in which anyone is free to add their own.
  • Don't "derail" threads.
  • Do not double post. Edit your post if you want to say something more.

Image Policy

All images that do not follow this policy are subject to immediate deletion without warning. All personal images can be displayed on the wiki ONLY if they follow the instructions outlined on this forum thread.

  • All images to should be in .png format. No .jpg, no .gif.
  • Do not upload images from external sources unless you have explicit permission to do so.
  • Non-descriptive file names such as RobloxScreenShot02232015_195450-82.png, untitled.png, or 02-23-2015-10:28.png are not acceptable. Please change the file name to something more descriptive in the "Destination filename" box. The image name should match the name of the subject exactly.
  • Duplicate images should not be uploaded. Go to the file page of the existing image and upload the newer version there.
  • Where possible, images should have a transparent background displaying only the subject. GUIs and players from uncropped images are not desirable.

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