Sandstone Well
Sandstone Well
Sandy water; tasty as it sounds.
Recipe Sandstone Wall x2
Crafting Station Iron Workshop
Uses Water source

A Sandstone Well is a building in Survival 303.


The Sandstone Well is a common structure found in many settlements, due to the widespread abundance of it's components. Since sand is found on every island in the game, it is possible to create this on any island, making this a popular choice on islands without stone or dirt. It looks like a normal well, except it doesn't have a covering, and has a sandy texture rather than a stone one. Owing to this, a Sandstone Well is small enough to fit in any building, as it does not have the additional height that the cover usually adds.

The items required to make this are abundant, especially on Desert Island due to it having natural sandstone. It has a maximum capacity of 80 portions, and regenerates one portion every 40 seconds. Unfortunately, due to the slow regen time, this makes the sandstone well unsuitable for large tribes, as water supplies may run out while you wait for the wells to fill up.