Seed Mush
Seed Mush
Uncooked and cooked seed mush, respectively
Portions 2
Stats Gained Per Portion Raw: 20/0/-15

Cooked: 20/0/0

Recipe Clay Bowl + Wheat Seed + Wheat Seed
Crafting Station Culinary Table
Uses Food Item

Seed Mush is a food item in Survival 303.


Uncooked seed mush is dangerous for health and isn't worth eating.
Seed mush can be burned, and can badly damage your health in this state. But if cooked successfully it will turn into cooked seed mush. In this state, cooked seed mush will restore 20 hunger points and will have two portions. if you burn it then you have to eat it to get the bowl back. When you eat fully cooked seed mush, it will restore 40 hunger points in total and you get your clay bowl back. It restores more hunger than bread, but you need to collect clay to make it.

Cooked Seed Mush can be a great source of food if you have an abundance of wheat and clay, such as in places like Teraphyx or Spring. It can also be good to have a nearby water source or Well to help with the wet clay process, which again, makes Teraphyx and Spring the best places to get seed mush.