Recipe Stone Wall x3 + Window + Plank x2 + Thatching
Crafting Station Steel Workshop
Uses Trading, Guard Post, House with a window

Shop is a building in Survival 303.


The shop is a stone building that has a private owner-only door built in. It is about the size and area of the medieval house, and has a window with a two-stud crack for trading. The shop is not normally used since one can forage items through the crack of the window from outside the shop. This makes this building almost pointless except for aesthetics, though it can make a nice house for those with high architecture, as it has a window and a private door. You can also fish from within the shop with a long rod if you do not want to go outside to fish. It is big enough to fit a sandstone well and a stove in it, and therefore can make a great building for a restaurant.

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