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The Skill menu when you first join


Skills are a type of restriction that prevents a player advance from the stone age to the Mithril/Bluesteel age.

Skills are important requirements in Survival 303.


Skills are stats unique to players that increase when the said skill is used and allows you to do better in the said skill. For example, as you craft things needing stone, your masonry will go up, allowing you to build better stone structures. Some skills are used to unlock recipes, such as shipbuilding, architecture, and crafting, and others are used to make mechanics easier, such as foraging, swimming, or fishing. There is a false save button on the skills menu.


Skills You Start With

Foraging: 20

Swimming: 20

Carpentry: 1

Smithing: 1

Masonry: 1

Shipbuilding: 1

Architecture: 1

Crafting: 1

Engineering: 1

Chemistry: 1

Cooking: 1

Farming: 1

Fishing: 1

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