A Slingshot is a ranged weapon in Survival 303.


The slingshot is in the lowest tier of the ranged weapons category; despite this it has an incredibly fast 1 second reload time which makes up for its low damage. It has a decent 50 stud range, which can be used for mid-range combat purposes against players with shorter ranged weapons; that is, as long as you have enough ammo for the entire combat or another weapon to finish the player off. The slingshot is easily beat by the crude and the long bow but is occasionally used due to it's cheap ammo and fast reload time, as it uses cut stones as ammunition.

Base Damage Default Ammo Iron Arrow Steel Arrow Reload Range Max DPS
Slingshot 10 5 (Cut Stone) - - 1 50 7.5


  • Unlike all other ranged weapons, the slingshot is NOT affected by quivers or woven vests.
  • The slingshot, like some weapons, looks nothing like it's real-life counterpart and just looks like a small stick.

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