Small Leaves
Small Leaves
 A basic in crafting

Islands Found on

Mainland, Spring Island, Magma Island, Plateau Island, Flax Island, Bento Island, Canyon Island, Rockma Island, Paradise Island, Teraphyx Island, and Goldrock Island

Method of Obtaining

Foraging (skill)


Making Hemp, Small Composts and fuel for fire

Small leaves are a common natural resource in Survival 303.


Small leaves are common resources found at the tops of trees and on bushes. They exist on every island except for Spire and Desert Island. They are important in the beginning, as they are used to make hemp, a resource used in all skill paths, and vital for ropes, which is used to create many tools, and small composts. They were also used to create green dye, but this has been removed from the game. Small leaves burn longer than a small bush stump, but not as long as large leaves or a small tree stump. They can be used for cooking/smelting a few things, though it is advised to get large leaves, as they burn for a very long time and are larger, allowing you to cook more things at once. To grow small leaves, plant berries in small composts. If you want, you can also plant apples in large composts, though this is not only time consuming, it is also space consuming. It will allow you to also get large leaves though.

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