Small Stone
Small Stone
The basic item in Masonry

Islands found on

Old Map: All except for Teraphyx and Desert.
New Map: All except for Basin.

Method of Obtaining

Foraging, Mining (if in an ore deposit), and crafting a Boulder.


Advancing Masonry, and making Stone Tools.

A Small Stone is a common natural resource in Survival 303.


Small stones are used in many recipes. Crafting items with them increase the masonry skill. They are one of the basic items in advancing Masonry, the other being sand. They are the backbone of all great empires in Survival 303. They can be crafted together or alone; making a boulder or cut stone, or a stone seat, respectively. The boulders are used with the small stone in the stone slab recipe and can also be crafted together to make a stone wall. They are one of the most common resources to find, along with wood. Along with being found naturally, they can be crafted with a boulder.

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