Small Tree Stump
Small Tree Stump
An abundant resource

Islands found on

Old Map:Spring Island, Mainland, Bento Island, Magma Island, Flax Island, Canyon Island, Rockma Island,Plateau Island, Teraphyx Island, Paradise Island

New Map: The Volcano, Crescent Island, Snowpeak Island, Overhang Bay, Jungle Island, Farmers Island, Rockshard Isle, Basin Isle, Harbor Island, Catacomb Hill, and Stonewall Island

Method Of Obtaining



Various recipes

A Small Tree Stump is a natural resource in Survival 303.


A small tree stump is a forage-able item found on all islands except Desert island and Spire island on the old map; and all islands on the new map except for the Shipwreck. It is used in many recipes, including the many types of handles and boats, along with the wall, used in almost every wooden building.
Dropping a small tree stump through a lumbermill will create two planks.
It is possible to "grow" your own small tree stumps by planting apples, a vital strategy if you live on Desert or Spire, and want to have a renewable source of wood instead of getting them from a far off island.