An upgrade to one of the most important buildings in the game.
Recipe Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stone Wall + Stainless Steel + Stainless Steel + Thatching
Crafting Station Stainless Workshop
Uses Mass smelting, and smithing weapons and tools from metal

Smeltery is a building in Survival 303.


Smelteries are the upgraded version of the more primitive forge. It has a massive furnace, capable of smelting ores in much larger quantities per batch. This makes smelting ores far less tedious.

It is larger than the forge, with a stone corner used for placing metals and handles there for crafting. It also has an anvil used for crafting tools and weapons. The anvil in the smeltery is slightly wider and shinier than the anvil present in the forge. Unlike the forge, it can craft mithril and bluesteel tools/armor.

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