Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Smithing is a skill in Survival 303.


Smithing is the skill that allows players to use an anvil in order to craft metal tools. Smithing is one of the most important skills in the game, due to the fact that the majority of tools rely on it..

To level up Smithing, gather metal ores and refine them. Next, use an anvil in order to craft the tool you desire. Provided you have an adequate Smithing level, the tool will be created, and your Smithing level will increase. Also note that if you to not use the Smithing skill to craft tools, you will not survive for long unless you're supported by a good tribe, or at have some partnerships with nearby tribes. This is because it is required to make good weapons.

Gaining EXP

Start out by making an iron pickaxe, then you can work your way up by mining more iron then making other iron items, then make some steel mixes, refine them, then make some steel tools, by now you will probably has enough Smithing to make some mithril. Then on you will have a high Smithing skill that is enough to provide your needs.

If you are bored and want to move on to another powerful set of tools, you can try and make bluesteel, for bluesteel tools.

If you don't want to waste resources on iron tools, you can alternately just make lots of steel mix to make steel tools and level up the Smithing skill way faster. But note it will take lots of steel mix to get level 6 Smithing. 

Level Requirements

Smithing Level Building Unlocked
1 Forge
3 Smeltery
Smithing Level Item unlocked
1 Steel mix
2 Iron armor, stainless mix
3 Reinforced iron armor
5 Steel armor
6 Reinforced steel armor, bluesteel,bluesteel armor
7 Mithril armorreinforced mithril armorreinforced bluesteel armor.
Smithing Level Tool/Weapon Unlocked
1 Iron axe, iron pickaxe, iron bucket, iron knife, iron spear, iron javelin.
2 Steel axesteel pickaxeflint and steeliron armoriron cheese bin
3 Iron swordsteel knifecrossbow.
4 Mithril axemithril pickaxesteel spearsteel javelinsteel swordbluesteel igniter.
5 Mithril knifemithril spearmithril javelinsteel armoryewbeam bowbluesteel hatchet.
6 Gold jugmithril swordbluesteelbluesteel spearbluesteel javelinbluesteel pickaxe.
7 Bluesteel sword