One of the more useless items in-game

Islands found on

Spire, Magma, Snowpeak, Waterfall, Tundra

Method of Obtaining



Cooking recipes, and Coating Villages.

Snow is a raw material in Survival 303.


Snow is a raw material that can be used in some food recipes. When you "cook" snow near or over a fire it will turn into snow water. In its natural state, it cannot be used, and cannot be eaten. When cooked it can be used in various recipes, like stews and glasses of water. Snow can be found at Spire and on top of Magma, as well as Snowpeak in the new map. Snow is exactly the same size as piles of sand and gunpowder. However, not many people carry snow around, so it could be used as a trading item if you live close to it.

During the event of Christmas 2014, almost every island in the game had snow on its elevated terrain as a part of the "Winter Theme".