Note:This item has been removed from the game and is no longer obtainable
Snow Water
Snow Water
The not-very-useful snow water



Stats gained per portion



None, obtained from cooking snow

Skill Requirements



Making Glasses of Water

Snow Water is a food item in Survival 303.


Snow water is a drink used in few food recipes. When you click it with the eat/drink tool you can get five thirst points. It is the same size as sand, gunpowder, milk, and glass. Snow water is made when you put snow near or over a burning object. Since the stews update snow water is virtually useless but can be a recipe in the cauldron. The only use is to have water as an item if someone doesn't have a bucket or runs out of water in their bucket.

It was removed for realism reasons (water wouldn't hold it's shape, it would just turn an un-drinkable puddle). However, you can still make cups of snow water by crafting the snow with a cup before melting it.

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