Snowpeak Island
Snowpeak Island
Snowpeak Island




Small trees, apple trees, wheat patches




Low inside natural walls, on top of which it gradually increases until greatly increasing to form the snow-covered peak that gives the island its name

Bodies of Water


Rocks and Ores

Small stones, iron ore, coal, chromite




New Map

Snowpeak Island is an island in Survival 303.


Snowpeak Island is located near the center of the new map. It looks similar to Spire Island. With plentiful food and many strategic resources such as iron, coal, wheat, small stones, and chromium, you can build a powerful empire here. If you want to explore the coal cave, bring a light source. You should also bring a climbing tool to reach the iron.

Survival Tips

  • This island contains freshwater, apples, trees and wheat, so making bread and pies will be very easy! It also has coal, and oil nearby, along with some stone, allowing for a stove to be created, making this island very good for cooks.
  • With natural stone, lots of small stone deposits, and so many trees that only jungle rivals it, this island is great for architecture too! It also has a vast pre-made wall, meaning walling it off will be very easy.
  • Unlike most islands, this island contains the materials for steel, meaning tribes can settle here without worrying about raiders too much. After using the trees to create a ladder to the iron, steel can be mass-produced, allowing for crossbows and other high end steel weaponry to be created.
  • With no spawnpoints, this is a great island for high-end tribes. Unfortunetely it lacks any nearby source of mithril, and bluesteel is hard to come by in quantities large enough for tribal use, so mining trips will have to be organised.
  • For a less tribal approach, the apples are more than enough to feed many people if you don't plan on cooking.

Pros and Cons


  • Natural fortifications
  • Many useful resources
  • Lots of food
  • This is the ony place on the new map where chickens can be found
  • Near oil, Shipwreck, cows, and Rockshard Island
  • Contains freshwater


  • Often inhabited by a tribe
  • Iron is high up
  • Occasionally contains a player living at the top, who may or may not be hostile.

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