Spear Wall
Spear Wall
Recipe Wall + Plank x2 + Medium Handle + Refined Iron
Crafting Station Iron Workshop
Uses Defensive wall that damages a player when touched.

A Spear Wall is a defensive building in Survival 303. 


A spear wall is the best defensive wall in Survival 303, it can be used to block entrances, caves and holes. However, unlike all other walls, this wall cannot be climbed due to the large spears stuck onto the wall, thus this prevents ladders, welded wooden objects and all other climbing materials from leaning against the wall without the climber being injured. Although mostly being being seen as superior to the Medieval Wall, it is more fragile then it, and will succumb to lesser methods of destruction. It will, along with the cacti wall, damage people who touch it, however this is larger and does higher amounts of damage.


  • The spikes on it are fireproof (owing to the metal), meaning you can burn off the flammable part and create a pile of long sticks which hurt people (and possibly kill if they don't have good armour) who step on it.
  • Since they are hard to climb over, and are almost entirely fireproof, you can easily shoot someone using a ranged weapon before they can succeed in getting past the wall.

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