Spiced Bento Venison
Spiced Bento Venison
Raw and cooked spiced bento venison, respectively
Portions 3
Stats Gained Per Portion Raw: 20/0/-15

Cooked: 20/0/0

Recipe Raw Bento Meat + Herb + Herb
Crafting Station Culinary Table
Uses Food item

Spiced Bento Venison is a food item in Survival 303.


Spiced bento venison is the meat from a bento deer that was spiced up with herbs. It is not often seen in-game, as the resources needed to make it are uncommon, which makes it a good trading item. It does restore a total of 60 hunger points as well. It is suggested to plant the herbs on Bento island instead of going to Flax island or Mainland to gather them, if you want to mass-produce them. This goes for a high selling price and can also be stockpiled for extra food during tough times. It is sometimes hard to tell which is which regular bento meat and spiced bento meat because when cooked, it takes the same color as regular bento venison. This makes it a valuble trading item as few know the recipe or bother to make it.

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