Spire Island
Spire Island








Very high

Bodies of water


Rocks and ores

Coal, iron, sulphur, gold, and mithril veins, rock piles among the cliffs




Snow at the higher points


Old Map

Spire Island is an island in Survival 303.


Spire Island is made up of four peaks connected by stone pathways. Snow covers the 2 higher peaks. There is a small tunnel at the base of the lowest peak, and within it is a stone ladder, then some stone steps that lead to the top of the first peak. There are two iron veins, two coal veins, and a sulpher vein there. A length of stone leads to a slightly higher peak, with 2 gold veins on a tall, flat rock above 2 coal veins. The next cliff has 2 coal veins, 3 iron veins, and a sulphur vein, as well as a deep cave with more ores inside. Climbing aids are required to reach the top of the snow-covered rock that leads to the highest spire. A gold and sulphur vein lie on the level below the first snow-covered area.

Survival Tips

Spire Island is very rarely inhabited, for multiple reasons. There's not much space, not to mention no food or water. To control this barren island with nearly every ore in-game, you'll need lots of experience and resources.

Things You'll Need

  • Enough food to sustain you for a couple of days
  • A well
  • Large and small composts, preferably fertilized
  • Wheat, apples, berries, and anything else you want to plant
  • Ladders and/or welded planks
  • Firemaking tool, fishing tool, and pickaxe
  • Lots of wood
  • Quarries, a forge, mill, lumbermill, etc. are recommended

Don't plan on having a tribe on Spire, since there's not enough space to sustain one. Two players can be supported here as long as you keep everything efficient. Only farm enough wheat and apples to build things, and use fishing for food instead. Put your forge on the entrance to discourage mithril-hunters, and use ranged weapons to eliminate unwelcome intruders. A good place to hide, or even put part of your base is the cave on the second-highest peak. Also, remember that you can survive on snow if you don't want to use wells. If you have the things, make a bridge to plateau and have 1 person bring in needed supplies from plateau. 

If you want extra space, some people go to such lengths; For instance, if you get a Pavilion and put it at a corner of a island, you can add longhouses to it, or even have shanked wood to be more thoughtful. 

Pros and Cons


  • Every single ore in the game, except for chromite.
  • No spawn
  • Very rarely settled on, and uncommonly visited
  • Snow provides indirect water source
  • Some additional safety tactics(ex: placing Cacti Traps on the stairs when unwanted visitors come)


  • Limited space
  • No natural food sources
  • No direct water sources
  • Difficult to climb
  • Popular place for mithril-hunters