Spirit of Halloween
Spirit of Halloween
Up-close shot of the Spirit




Paradise Island


Give players boosts, kill players, inflicting fear

The Spirit of Halloween is an event-only NPC in Survival 303.


The Spirit of Halloween was a Survival 303 update for Halloween. It was only there on Halloween Day, October 31 and it was located on Paradise island. To activate it, one would walk up close to it, then say "Trick or Treat". He would either "curse" you, or give you a random item. The spirit occasionally talks about things. It is comforting to know it watches your back.
Here's a few things the Spirit of Halloween can do:

  • Give you a speed boost for 2 and a half minutes
  • Give you a health boost for 2 minutes
  • Give you any Tool or Item in the game
  • Teleport you to any random Island
  • Blind you for 30 seconds
  • Kill you
  • Set your head on fire


  • What the Spirit of Halloween says to you when you join the game.
  • Location of the spirit on Paradise Island]

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