Spring Island
Spring Island
Spring Island
Size Large
Plants Small trees, bare bushes, wheat, carrots
Animals None
Elevation Very low near the shore, high in the center
Bodies of Water Large pond on top of the mountain
Rocks and Ores Small rocks on the ledges of the mountain; iron, coal and gold veins within the cave
Spawn? No

Spring Island is an island in Survival 303.


Spring island is a small island not far from the Mainland's coast with flat, grassy land near the shore and a small mountain in the center. Near the shore are bare trees, bushes, carrots, and wheat. On the ledges of the mountain are small rocks, and on top is a large pool of fresh water. Outside the cave are piles of dirt and clay. Within the cave, there are coal and gold veins. However, you need a light source to enter the cave. It does not have a spawn, even though it has food, water, and wood. There are rarely tribes here, let alone large ones, due to the lack of space for buildings and rare resources. Usually, there are only temporary camps or a small soloist settlement.

It is often called Clay Island or unknown in-game. It is great for a solo player as it has arguably the most amount of stone:size ratio in game, making it great for making structures such as bakeries and medieval houses. It has a cave with two floors. The first one requires a light source likewise to the second floor. It has a huge abundance of coal in both of them. The first floor has a gold vein. There is a vein of chromite somewhere on the island.

Most people who intend to use and capture this island stay on the coast of northeast Mainland, which is extremely close to Spring island, and has a massive forest, including springs of water.

Survival Tips

Using this island to mass-produce bread is one of the best ways to survive. The materials for a mud well are located on the island, and it saves you from having to go up to the pond at the top. If you need more room to put buildings down, creating an artificial extension is possible by using docks.

Pros and Cons


  • No spawn point on the island makes unwanted intruders a rare occurrence.
  • A lot of natural food like carrots and wheat can support more than one person on the island.
  • Gold ore, Chromium ore, and an abundance of coal ore.
  • A lot of building materials to be found.
  • Natural water source found on top of the rocky mountain.
  • Farmers can find a large amount of wheat and carrots on the island to harvest.
  • It is extremely close to the northeast coast of Mainland.


  • Rather small amount of room for buildings.
  • Cave requires a light source.
  • Somewhat hard to defend.


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