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Steel mix (Left) and Steel (Right)


Refined Iron + Coal

Skill Requirements



Smithing, Steel tools

Steel is an alloy metal in Survival 303.


Steel is a powerful metal, being third only to mithril and bluesteel. Steel looks similar to iron, but is a lighter shade and when refined is shiny. Steel mix then can be put over fire to refine it. Steel is better than iron, but before you can make most steel items you must first work with iron to raise your smithing skill (or mine a lot of coal and iron with a stone pickaxe to make enough steel mix to level up, however, this is slower).
Any item made with steel, like with any metal, has to be combined with an anvil which is found in a forge or smeltery, with the exception of a crossbowflint and steel, arrows and bolts, and actual steel itself. Two steel pickaxes will mine almost as efficiently as a single mithril pickaxe. It may outdo the mithril pickaxe but most of the times it is unreliable and will not. The same can be applied to axes.

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