Steel Knife
Steel Knife
One of the better knives in Survival 303


Refined Steel + String

Crafted at



Giving bricks a welded texture, cutting bread, moderate melee weapon

A Steel Knife is a tool in Survival 303.


The steel knife is the third-best non-admin knife in the game, with the best knife being the bluesteel knife, followed by the mithril knife. The steel knife can be used to give unanchored bricks a welded texture, which makes them stick to the sides of cliffs, making it a good tool for multitasking. As It can also be used to cut bread into slices, giving five slices for each full loaf. It can also be used as a moderate melee weapon, with the base damage being at 25 HP. The damage varies with each body part hit.

Area Damage Output
Head 50
Torso 25
Leg 18.75
Arm 12.5