Steel Spear
Steel Spear
A Steel Spear


Anvil + Med Handle + Refined Steel

Skill Requirements

Smithing 2


Melee weapon

A Steel Spear is a weapon in Survival 303.


It is also the most common way of creating steel weaponry at a large scale, as the price is half of that to a sword, meaning for a lot less mining, and the safety of knowing that you cannot be betrayed and insta-killed if you have no armor. Despite this, it is an uncommonly seen weapon, as the ability to instantly kill somebody if you can sneak up on them is worth the extra steel to almost any tribe or soloist, making the steel sword the more common choise unless the weapon is being given out as a gift to random people.

Area Damage Output
Head 80
Torso 40
Leg 30
Arm 20

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