Stone Axe
Stone Axe
The least accurate axe, the stone axe


1x Handle + 1x Cut Stone

Crafting Station

Primitive Design Table


Cutting down big trees

A Stone Axe is a tool used for chopping trees in Survival 303.


The stone axe is the most basic and easiest axe to create. A stone axe is used as a weapon and mainly used for harvesting large tree stumps. The success rate of the axe is only 20%. The base damage that the axe does is 10 HP, and, like all weapons on Survival 303, varies when different body parts are hit. It has a similar function to the Stone Hatchet, but the hatchet has a lower success right, while doing more damage.

Area Damage Output
Head 20
Torso 10
Leg 7.5
Arm 5