Stone Hut
Stone Hut
Like a hut, but more stoney.
Recipe Stone Wall x2 + Thatching
Crafting Station Iron Workshop
Uses Shelter, and having a fireproofed hut.

A Stone Hut is a building in Survival 303.


The stone hut is a larger, more advanced version of the basic wooden hut. Stone huts are the unflammable version of the hut, but the thatching roof is flammable. Make sure to fireproof the roof so it will be completely fireproofed. It has the same recipe and skill requirements as the well does. It is not often seen in-game due to the fact that it simply isn't worth the resources to make, when a mud hut can serve the same purpose as the stone hut can. However, due to stone normally being the mark of an advanced civilization, this is far better aesthetically pleasing.