Stone Spear
Stone Spear
The basic spear


Med Handle + Cut Stone

Crafted at

Primitive Design Table


Longer-range melee weapon

A Stone Spear is a ranged weapon in Survival 303.


The stone spear is the one of the most basic tools focused on attacking, being the weakest spear. However it has a fairly long range, as all spears do, making it somewhat more useful in some situations. It's probably worth making as a new tribe, as it can drive off someone with a battle club (which is quite a common weapon among new players). It's also good for rounding up animals such as the rockma or teraphyx, due to its long range. It's easily defeated if you choose to raid, but will be a handy weapon to kill players who wander into your base.  

Area Damage Output
Head 30
Torso 15
Leg 11.25
Arm 7.5