Rain that damages you


Damages the 303 Health GUI, not the universal ROBLOX player health.

A Storm is a random event in Survival 303.


Occasionally a dark grey cloud will appear in the sky, with an announcement saying that a storm has started. This storm will slowly head in a seemingly random direction, or not move at all. If a player is under this cloud, rain drops will appear on his/her screen and the player will lose health stats.
If under cover (this can include, buildings, caves, trees and any other resource in the game) you shall not take damage or have rain drops on screen. However your screen will be darker than usual.
To survive a storm you must stay under cover in order to not take damage—however, if you need to travel it is recommended you add a pillar and a "roof" over your seat. This will also stop you from taking damage.


  • The storm cloud is solid and it is possible to stand on it and make a base on the cloud.
  • The duration of the storm is random.
  • The skybox will change into another darker skybox during a storm.
  • An excellent way to avoid a storm effect completely is to put a welded bush stump on a player's head. This avoids rain whether you are walking or on boat/land vehicle travel.

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