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Survival 303
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Unofficial Game Box Design



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Late 2008 - Early 2009


First/Third person Shooter, Survival, Adventure, Simulation


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Survival 303 is a third/first person survival/adventure game developed by DavidII and his team, Players attempt to survive on harsh deserted islands far from civilization while fending off groups of bandits and raiders. The development of Survival 303 was first started on the 9/18/2008 and was later released that year to the public.


  • Working day/night cycle to enhance game-play as it can seriously affect your outcome when doing a certain action at the wrong time of the day.
  • Lag Free!
  • Skill progession system, for example, a player can use a anvil to smith multiple tools to improve his Smithing Skill .
  • Variety of animals each with their own personality and stance. (passive, neutral, aggresive ect.)
  • A working tribal system that allows you to make your own tribes for which you can invite members to join and give them certain jobs to do.
  • A wide selection of crafting recipes for you to discover and craft given you hours of fun!
  • A fully functional building menu enabling you to look at the current buildings you own, give buildings you own to our members on the server, retool placed buildings and even destroy your buildings.
  • 13 islands each with their owns resources and animals for you to "hunt" down and maybe settle down and claim it as your island.

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