Slang and terms are typically common in the world of Survival 303. No, not words like "'cause" or "gonna". Feel free to add any examples of common slang said or stated in Survival 303.


This is one of the commonly used slang words. It is short for the word and ore "Mithril".

"Dude did u see that guy in mith armor. yeah, he was so nice he gave us free pie!"

"Mith swords are purple, which doesn't make sense since guys wield it."


Another one of the commonly used words that do not make sense until you learn it. It is short for the game "Survival 303".

"Minecraft is for awesome people, but 303 is for meeting intelligent people on Roblox."

"303 is awesum. we shuld add guns which is 2 sticks and then u recharg it with gunpowder and iron."


Not really slang, but it is a term used for people who burn things, kill innocent people, explode things, and steal stuff from others. People may think they are breaking multiple rules, but killing, exploding, burning, and stealing are all allowed.

"That raider nub stole my cake"

"dapro125 is a well known raider, commonly notorious for stabbing people in the back (metophorically), and then stealing all their posessions."


A simple, short term used as slang for Mainland Island.

"Where are you? I spawned at main."


A short term of Bluesteel.

"OMG he got bs run from him!11!"

"I just made a BS sword!"


Mushie, or shroom, is slang for Mushrooms.

"Im gonna go collect some mushies"

"Look! a shroom farm!"


Gunpowder. Commonly heard from tribes who want bombs.

"Don't stand next to the GP while you ignite it!"


Fire-proof. Used when people are aware of their stuff being burnt.

"Better FP this Merchant Frigate, stupid noobs who burn it"


Short for chromium, or chromite ore.

"I need 1 more chrom for that stainless steel."