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About Survival 303
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Survival 303 is a game on Roblox created by Davidii2. You start on one of eight islands, with a total of thirteen islands to survive, forage and hunt on.

The major goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible but it isn't that simple as other players will try to take your food and resources, burn your home, conquer your island, and kill you and so to survive, you will need to craft tools and weapons and find a suitable island to live on.

A tribe may help you survive raider groups but be warned as food, water and resources deplete quickly with a large tribe than a lone survivor or 2, but organized tribes with individual jobs per member could survive for a very long time.

Good Luck Surviving.

To see the official rules of Survival 303 please click the link here

Recent Game Updates

Version 6.313 HF

- MemoryAddress promoted to Editor

- You can now immediately respawn your character by using the `/respawn` command. Be warned - you will still lose all your tools just like resetting.

- Added hotkeys for the Craft tool; q clears the items, z creates a tool, x processes the item(s), and c creates an item.

- Fixed multiple bugs.

- Set the default hotkey for emptying your pack back to "E".

- A food re-balance, new Hunger mechanic, and more have been added (Look at Survival 303's game page for more info).

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