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A Sword is a weapon in Survival 303.


A sword is typically the strongest of its age but unlike the other tools, it has no stone form. It has a decent range (average compared to other tools) and costs the most. The only sword that is not capable of instantly killing someone is the Iron form.

Iron Sword

Base Damage: 30

Area Damage
Head 60
Torso 30
Arms 15
Legs 22.5

Steel Sword

Base Damage: 50

Area Damage
Head 100
Torso 50
Arms 25
Legs 37.5

Mithril Sword

Base Damage: 70

Area Damage
Head 140
Torso 70
Arms 35
Legs 52.5

Bluesteel Sword

Base Damage: 85

Area Damage Output
Head 170
Torso 85
Leg 63.75
Arm 42.5

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