Teraphyx Island
Teraphyx Island
Also known as Harbor or Horseshoe Island.




Apple trees, large trees, bare bushes, small trees, wheat, and carrots




Low, medium on the cliffs

Bodies of water

One pond by the bay

Rocks and ores





Clay mounds on one side of the cliffs


Old Map

Teraphyx Island is an island in Survival 303.


Teraphyx Island, often called Harbor or Horseshoe Island due to its shape, is named for its three teraphyx. Like the cave lynx on Magma Island, they are extremely territorial. They are black with spiked backs and a huge horn. Three of them live in a harbor-shaped pool of shallow water. Other than this, there isn't much else that stands out. There is a flat area with vegetation on one side of the island, and cliffs on the other side. Carrots and wheat grow on and around the cliffs, and there is some clay and dirt on one side. It is the only island that is not in possession of a stone source of some sort.

Survival Tips

This island is a great place for beginners because of the abundance of food, but permanent settlements are uncommon due to the lack of ores and the presence of a spawn point. If you do want to settle here, the cliffs are best for building, but beware of the spawn point here. Make sure you have a well or an easy path to the pond. You'll have to import stone and ores if you want to have tools. This island can also be used to mass-produce apple pie and teraphyx meat and horns if you're not interested in settling.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of food
  • Teraphyx
  • Uncommon resource (clay)
  • Somewhat isolated


  • Spawn point
  • No ores or rocks
  • Visited often