The Volcano
The Volcano
Size Large
Plants Dead bushes, small trees, bushes
Animals Cave lynx
Elevation Low around the shore, very high around the volcano
Bodies of Water None
Rocks and Ores Small stones, mithril, chromite, iron, coal, sulphur.
Spawn? No

The Volcano is an island in Survival 303.


The Volcano is an island in the new beta map. It is located near a map corner. It has sulphur and coal veins in a cave near the caldera. The lava inside the Volcano will kill a player with the slightest touch and can light things on fire from a distance. The Volcano has no food or water located on or in it. It also contains mithril and chromium deposits.

Survival Tips

  • The Volcano is well, a volcano. So it is hard to live here, with a very little building space and resources you got to bring many things with you if you want to live here.
  • There is already stone near the volcano itself, though it isn't much, but you won't need to bring stone. But you need to be good at climbing to get some of them... anyways. Same with wood; but its on the ground so you won't need any climbing skills, hehe.
  • Food; okay that's simple, just live off fish if you can't bring food. Because unless you bring a lifetime supply of pies, it will run out over time.

Pros and Cons


  • Sulphur and Coal for trading purposes.
  • Explosives can be created, along with mithril tools, allowing for high end weaponry to be created.
  • Few tribes settle here.
  • Plenty of wood and stone for building purposes.
  • Cave doesn't require a light source to enter.
  • Every single ore except gold.


  • No natural food or water
  • The slightest misstep can kill you at the top.
  • Occasionally receives visitors.
  • Mithril and Chromite are hard to find and require a light source
  • There are several little caves inside the Volcano that fool you.