The Volcano is an island in Survival 303.


The Volcano is located near Mainland. It has Sulphur and Coal inside/below the lava. The lava inside the Volcano will kill a player with the slightest touch and can light things on fire from a distance. The Volcano has no food or water located on or in it.

Survival Tips

  • Bring seeds and composts to farm with.
  • Make a knife so you can weld stumps to climb.
  • If you decide to live inside the Volcano, make spare knives because being near the lava makes your tools disappear. Or you can try blocking the caldera from the very top, a safe distance away from the lava.

Pros and Cons


  • Sulphur and Coal for trading purposes.
  • Explosives can be created, along with mithril tools, allowing for high end weaponry to be created.
  • Few tribes settle here.
  • Plenty of wood and stone for building purposes.
  • Cave doesn't require a light source to enter, but it is hard to see.
  • Every single ore except gold.


  • No natural food or water.
  • The slightest misstep can kill you at the top.
  • Mithril and Chromite are hard to find and require a light source.
  • There are several little caves inside the Volcano that fool you.