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Decreases faster than the Hunger bar. Is blue.

Thirst is a stat in Survival 303.


Thirst is the blue stat bar. It goes down by 3 for each decrease over time. It is healed by drinking water from a spring or puddle, a well, a water container, or eating certain foods. Drinking from a natural water source reduces health, so it is recommended to drink from a water container (such as a canteen or bucket) or a well. The only food that decreases thirst are herbs, and the only drinks that kill you are deathwater and poison.
If your thirst is 0, and you drink water before the next time thirst goes down, you won't die. If your thirst falls below 10, the server will start alerting you that your thirst is low. It decreases faster than the hunger bar, most likely since humans can survive longer without food than they can without water.

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