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Crude Rod

The worst rod, short range and very rare chance to catch a higher tier fish.

Handle + String > Craft Tool > Crude Rod

Long Rod

Considered the best rod, has a high chance of catching high tier fish. 

Medium Handle + String  > Craft Tool > Long Rod


Only used by expert fishermen, capable of catching low/medium tier fish.

String + String + String > Craft Tool > Net

Water Container


The worst water container, can only stores 5 units of water when full.

Hemp > Craft Tool > Canteen


Most commonly seen container, stores 10 units of water.

Small Bush Stump + Rope > Create Tool > Bucket

Clay Container

The 4th to best storer of water, stores 15 units of water.

Wet Clay + Wet Clay > Create Tool > Clay Container

Iron Bucket

The iron varient of the common Bucket, stores 20 units of water.

Anvil + Iron (r) + Rope > Create Tool > Iron Bucket

Steel Bucket

Another bucket? That's right but this time steel!, stores 25 units of water.

Anvil + Steel (r) + Rope > Create Tool > Steel Bucket

Gold Jug

The best water container of water, stores 30 units of water.

Anvil + Gold (r) + Gold (r) > Create Tool > Gold Jug

Light Sources and Filters

Crude Oil Filter

Well, it does it job but just very slowly.

Small Bush Stump + Hemp + Rope > Create Tool > Crude Oil Filter

Oil Filter

Best oil filter there is, processess the oil quite fast.

Wet Clay + Hemp + Rope > Create Tool > Oil Filter

Crude Torch

The easiest to make, but the worst to use.

Handle + Hemp > Create Tool > Crude Torch

Oil Torch

The mid-way torch, not the best and not the worst.

Handle + Hemp + Oil > Create Tool > Oil Torch


The best torch in the game, can be relit by clicking on a item on fire.

Handle + Oil + Glass > Create Tool > Lantern



The most basic firestarter

Cut Stone + Cut Stone > Create Tool > Flint

Firemaking  Bow

A common and fast firestarter

Handle + Rope > Create Tool > Firemaking Bow

Flint and Steel

Best firestater available to non-admins

Cut Stone + Steel (r) > Create Tool > Flint and Steel


Stone Pickaxe

The worst pickaxe to mine with, has a low chance of success

Handle + Cut Stone > Create Tool > Stone Pickaxe

Iron Pickaxe

The most common pickaxe due to the resources being also very common.

Anvil + Handle + Iron (r) > Create Tool > Iron Pickaxe

Steel Pickaxe

A good pickaxe to use if you're unsure of how to get mithril also has quite high success rate.

Anvil + Handle + Steel (r) > Create Tool > Steel Pickaxe

Mithril Pickaxe

Best pickaxe with a high success rate, if somebody has this in your server I suggest staying away from them as they may have other mithril items.

Anvil + Handle + Mithril (r) > Create Tool > Mithril Pickaxe


Stone Axe

Worst axe of them all, very low success rate I suggest using a higher tier one.

Handle + Cut Stone > Create Tool > Stone Axe

Iron Axe

Works quite well and is easy to make.

AnvilHandle + Iron (r) > Create Tool > Iron Axe

Steel Axe

2nd to best axe, slightly better than iron and worse than mithril.

Anvil + Handle + Steel (r) > Create Tool > Steel Axe

Mithril Axe

Best axe, 100% chance of success. Also stay away from them becuase you never know if they are going to axe you in the head.

Anvil + Handle + Mithril (r) > Create Tool > Mithril Axe


Iron Cheese Bin

Used to create cheese turn Young Cheese into mozarella. Anvil + Iron (r) + Iron (r) + Iron (r) > Create Tool > Iron Cheese Bin

Crude Milking Pail

The most basic pale that milks a cow.

Small Bush Stump + Rope > Create Tool > Crude Milking Pail

Milking Pail

Milks a cow quite fast and is easy to make.

Anvil + Iron (r) + Rope > Create Tool > Milking Pail

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