Archived: The subject of this page has been removed from the game.
Unobtanium Pickaxe
Unobtanium Pickaxe
Admin's Pickaxe, shining in the trademark admin green.


N/A, Admin Only

Skill Requirements

N/A, Admin Only


Mining, High End Melee Weapon, Showing Off

An Unobtanium Pickaxe is an admin-only pickaxe in Survival 303.


The Unobtanium Pickaxe is one of the best weapons ingame, but it can only be obtained through an admin or event. This pickaxe will double the amount of ores you mined and has a 100% success rate when mining, which means you can get 12 ore per pile in a few seconds. Of course, you can use this as a melee weapon, dealing 37.5 - 150 HP, it does less or more damage dependent on the body part that is hit.


Unobtanium Pickaxe and Mithril Sword

Head = 150 | 140

Torso = 75 | 70

Legs = 55 | 52.5

Arms = 37.5 | 35



Damage Output
Head 150
Torso 75
Legs 55
Arms 37.5


  • It is considered the best pickaxe ingame in terms of cooldown and amount.